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About Us

Grand County EMS (GCEMS) is a Paramedic level agency located in Moab, Utah.  GCEMS has a response area of over 3,700 square miles which includes almost 6,000 miles of roads and trails.  One factor that makes this rural area a unique setting for emergency medical care is the 2 million plus visitors who arrive in the area each year to participate in outdoor recreation in Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Dead Horse Point State Park, and other public lands.

Mission Statement

As a community built agency, Grand County Emergency Medical Services is dedicated to providing the highest level of public safety and public health to our residents and visitors. We serve our community through pre-hospital emergency medical care, transport, rescue, disaster response, and public education.

Our Values

We are an elite group that performs at an elevated level of care under extraordinary circumstances. We never compromise our commitment to excellence in patient care, or community service.


We exhibit a moral and ethical conduct becoming of our profession and the community we serve. We embody integrity by always doing what we should do and by doing it in a selfless manner.



We continually improve our individual and team skills. We build upon our knowledge foundation with the latest techniques and technologies to ensure that the services we provide are unsurpassed. We focus on providing educational opportunities not only for ourselves but also for the community in which we serve.


We will respect our patients' rights and decisions regardless of economic status, religious affiliation, cultural differences, and lifestyle. We provide the highest level of care while preserving dignity and above all else, life.

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